Bear Hill Advisory Group™, “a beacon of light in uncertain times™”​, provides Business Risk Management (BRM) and Business Rescue Services (BRS). BRM converts enterprise risk management strategies and tactics into profits and ROI. BRS rescues companies who are experiencing significant operational, brand, reputation or business survival crises. Bear Hill Advisory Group has experience in resolving – what may seem like complex and daunting business problems – into practical solutions. We prepare organizations to navigate the ‘unthinkable’​ through our specialty Business Rescue services.  Our Mud-Hole Management™ Series provides educational programs in Cyber Incident Response, and IT Security Plans and Negotiation training.


Cyber Security Incident Prevention/ Response, Unethical Act Prevention/Response, Business Crisis Management, Business Process Redesign, Vendor Fraud Investigation, Financial Re-engineering, and Fractional C-Suite Engagements.

Bear Hill
Business Rescue Lifeboats™

When your business is imperiled and you are in immediate need.

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Fractional & Project
Based Services

When your business needs a specialist to weather the storm.

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Seminars, Training &
Speaking Engagements

When your business needs to train its crew to perform their best.

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When you need to charts to navigate dangerous waters.

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